The Valcomspirit Budget

Valcomespirit is a word we made up combining the words value, comfort, and free spirit.   After much contemplation of the type of travelers we are, we really couldn’t pick one as we are a little bit of everything. This is a couple travel budget for world travelers. We seek valuable life experiences and if it makes sense we will live more like a backpacker, like traveling around New Zealand in a campervan.  Other times we seek more comfortable accommodations, especially after living in a campervan for 17 days!  We are always trying to get the most value of where we are with a balance of staying true to our free spirit of not planning every detail.   Being open to take up whatever adventure strikes us at the time, without always having to restrict ourselves to a tight budget.

We discovered while researching our trip around the world that there were a bunch of these Travel blogs that focused on spending as little as possible. The consensus was you could live on $50/day, which sparked some questions in our minds.  When you live on $50/day what activities are you doing, what conditions are you living in, and how many countries that you want to see are you actually seeing?

With the Valcomspirit budget we are looking to have more freedom to go out and experience the fun things in life. We also will be trying to live in places where we at least have privacy as a couple most nights. With a Valcomspirit budget we intend to spend about $32/person a day more on average than what the typical backpacker budget would spend. This gives us more flexibility to do the things we enjoy and not count pennies as we travel.

We began researching the various places that we wanted to go and put a budget together based on cost of living in each of the locations.  We looked up hostel, hotel, AirBnb, food and restaurant prices, tour prices, flights, transportation, etc… You can see our  total projected budget below.  We projected it at a total of $60,000 for two people.

When looking at our budget. it is important to note that we are choosing to travel to parts of the world that are inherently more expensive, and therefore require a larger amount of savings.  Other parts of the world are significantly less expensive and increase our buying power.  This is an important thing to keep in mind when thinking about where you want to go and how much you should save.

Also, our budget is based on the comfort level that we wanted while traveling for an extended period of time.  For example, if we are going to be somewhere a month we would look for, a private home/apartment for two with a kitchen vs a multi-bunk hostel dormitory. This could also increase or decrease your budget depending on the level of comfort you desire.

World Trip Projected Budget

Projected World Travel Budget for a Couple