guam itinerary

12 Day Guam Itinerary

Here is a list things we would highly recommend doing over a stretch of about 2 weeks while in Guam. Some are a little more adventurous, some take a vehicle to get to, and others are very unique to Guam. When talking about travel time below this would be from the Tumon Bay area since 90% of the hotels are around here. Hope you take advantage of a such a wonderful place.

Day 1: Arriving in Guam

  • Check and make sure your hotel does not offer a free shuttle service from the airport. Or take a quick taxi or Uber ride to your place that should take less than 20 minutes.
  • Grab a Sunset to wind down at The Beach Bar at Gunn Beach. Enjoy live music from 5-7pm Monday-Friday, with drink specials.

Day 2: Singapore

  • Take a stroll around the beautiful town and take in the food and culture. This is by far the cleanest city in the world.
  • Catch the Gardens by the bay to take in a unique garden with a beautiful city back drop.
  • Later that night there is a world famous night safari zoo that I hear is unbelievable.

Day 3: Snorkeling one of the best places in the world

  • Travel south (15 min) to Fish Eye Marine Park. Don’t worry if you need a snorkel rental and fins, just go across the street from fish Eye to MDA Scuba shop.
  • MDA Scuba rates:
    • Snorkel and mask- $5
    • Fins any size – $5
    • Booties- $5
  • Don’t pay to go on the pier unless you’re not snorkeling. I would suggest getting the booties too. Just start your swim from the shore under the pier until you get to deeper water. Then admire all the fish, eels, turtles, and other sea life all around. Most fish I have seen in one place.
  • If you would like to Seawalk, I would highly recommend doing it here at Fish Eye. Very easy to walk up and hop in and get some great sights.

Day 4: Waterfall and Natural Pools

Take a trip to the beautiful south part of Guam. Take a dip in the  Inarajan Natural Pools with the beautiful fish (50 min). Here the water is warm and remember to bring your snorkel gear.

After Inarajan, drive south another 15 minutes to Priest Pools but don’t miss the majestic pictures of Cocos Island.

        – Should take you about 15 min direct drive to the Priest Natural Pools. Park your car on the residential street. Make sure to take all your valuables with you. There is a clearing where you walk and just follow the path on about a 10 min walk out to the pools.

OR Another Harder, Adventurous option…

  • Take on the challenge of Sigua Falls. This challenging hike will take about 4 hours of hiking round trip, plus whatever time you would like to spend at the falls. This hike has it all mud, crossing rivers, steep rope descends, and a majestic waterfall you can jump off.
    • Note: Bring gloves (for rope), hiking shoes, towel, sunscreen, and bug repellent. There are bushes that will stab you a little so pants are a must if your sensitive.
    • I highly recommend using this person’s guide map to get to the Sigua Falls. Don’t miss pictures at the old WWII tank.

Day 5: Chill out on the beach

  • Head to Tumon bay for a relaxing day in the sun. Here you will enjoy white sand beaches with no waves.
  • Make sure to bring your snorkel gear along because there is plenty to explore here.
  • If trying to snorkel I would go to the Ypao Park Once to the parking lot just head straight out in the water from there. Swim to your left toward the Hilton and you will find coral and fish everywhere. Make sure to check the tide and go close to high tide or it will be extremely shallow and you will not be able to get through some parts of the coral.

Day 6: Shopping and Guam Underwater World Aquarium

  • Guam provides some world class shopping. You can find anything from Louis Viton to Gucci or just the local knick knacks.
  • Underwater World is a great place to get out of the heat and chill. You can experience sharks, rays, crazy fish and other sea creatures up close and personal out of the water.

Day 7: North Island Exploring

  • Get lost up north at Ritidian Point (45min). This place is a low key National wildlife refuge. There are a few easy trails with some neat caves to explore through the tropical rainforest. Then grab your towel and enjoy the beautiful beach and views.
  • On your way back stop by Marbo Cave for a dip in a beautiful fresh water cave. Head toward the beach at GU-15 and Macheche Road. Take this road down and turn left. Park at the dead end and its about a 5 min walk down to the cave.  Make sure to take all your valuables with you.

Day 8: Chamorro Night Market (Wednesday Night’s only)

  • Catch the local shuttle trolley for $7 round trip out to the night market.
  • Once to the night market you can enjoy real Chamorro cooking. Grab a pork, chicken, or beef stick with some Red rice for a delicious cheap meal. With live music and a dance floor enjoy a cheap night of fun. They also have some great fruit smoothies you must try.

Day 9: Chill out on the Beach

  • Head to Alupang Beach Club for some fun in the sun. Here they provide a ton of fun things to do; parasailing, banana boating, kayaking, paddle boating, jet skiing, paddle boarding, or just relax with a drink in hand.

Day 10: Snorkel Mushroom Rocks and Shark Cove

  • Drive to Tanguisson Beach (20 min), were you will find parking right next to the beach.
  • Once you pack up a snorkel, mask, sun screen, and essentials head in a North direction or if you are looking at the beach to the right.
  • There is a path that leads you through the trees. Then take the beach to the Mushroom Rocks. (15 min) Can’t miss them.
  • If you feel more inclined for adventure, walk another 1/3rd mile (10 min) to Shark Cove Beach.

Day 11: World War II exploration

  • Take a short 20min drive to the Stell Newman Visitor Center for the best FREE war museum I have ever seen.
  • From here they will give you a map of all the WWII sights. You can take picture with the old guns and cave like bunkers used in the war.
  • There are about 4 stops and this should all take about a half day.

Day 12: Pack the bags and Head home

  • Take your final pictures and maybe a mimosa before the flight.
  • Guam’s Airport is very simple and easy to get through security fast. It took us about 20 minutes from checking in, through security and to our gate.


We know this would make for an epic Guam Vacation. If you want a little more relaxing beach time there are plenty to choose from. If you want more adventure there is a lot more nature in this Guam Nature Post. We know you will enjoy your time here.