Couple Travel Budget

How To Read the Budget:

The first two columns show our budgeted amounts for the month for a couple and for the applicable categories we included per day averages.  The next two columns are what we actually spent.  The final two columns are on a backpacker’s budget so you see both the reality and how you could Guam for less, which can work for some people and not for others.

World Travel Budget vs Backpacker Budget:

We seek valuable life experiences and if it makes sense we will live more like a backpacker, like traveling around New Zealand in a campervan.  Other times we seek more comfortable accommodations, especially after living in a campervan for 17 days!  We are always trying to get the most value of where we are with a balance of staying true to our free spirit of not planning every detail.   Being open to take up whatever adventure strikes us at the time, without always having to restrict ourselves to a tight budget.  Therefore, in the World Travel Budget we intend to spend about $32 pp a day more on average than what the typical backpacker budget would spend for a couple. This gives us more flexibility to do the things we enjoy and not count pennies as we travel.



Our Guam spending is a little different than the other countries because we stayed with my Grandpa and Grandma for the month at their place, and they also let us use one of their cars for transportation, which helped us out a lot. Do you have any relatives or friends out there that you have been wanting to visit? Perfect way to spend quality time and explore a new place for less!

We did some research for lodging and transportation to include in our couple’s World Travel Budget so you can see what you might spend.  We found places to rent on AirBnb ranging from $20 to $80 per night for a private room for a couple and sometimes an entire home depending upon where you want to be located.  The budget is based on $50 per night.  For transportation, the least expensive rental car for one week including insurance is ~$45 per day.  A 7-day rental car is included in the budget above, as well as a 3 week bus pass ($8 pp per week) to get around town.

Food is more expensive so you will really have to be careful and make cheap meals at home, eat fast food, and only eat out at restaurants a few times.  Or make your budget higher.  I would say a budget of $1,000 for a month is more on the comfortable side, letting you eat out a little and cook meals at home.

Don’t under estimate miscellaneous expenses that come up as your traveling especially for long term.  Stuff happens.  $140 in our miscellaneous category was spent of fixing an I phone cell phone screen (Johnny’s this time)!  Because of an insurance mix up, we had a $110 bill from the dentist that we also had to pay.  Replacing clothes, shoes, etc.. We recommend 10% of your total budget (less flights) for a good miscellaneous budget.

Flights are one-way from Australia, which is where we came from. Want to look up how much flights are from your location for less?  Search Momondo.