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Bali 14 Day Itinerary

Here is a list of things we would highly recommend doing over a stretch of 2 weeks while in Bali. Some are a little more adventurous, some take a vehicle to get to, and others are unique to Bali. Hope you take advantage of such a wonderful place.

Day 1: Travel to Bali

  • For the first leg of your trip I suggest posting up in either Sanur, Seminyak, or Canggu depending on your tastes. You can’t really go wrong with any.
    • Sanur has more of the resort feel with a small strip with restaurants, bars, and shops.
    • Semiyak is larger, livelier and touristy with a lot of villas, big hotels, with tons of restaurants, bars, and shops. Great night life and young people, but may be a bit pricier.
    • Canggu is more chill and trendy with a laid-back vibe. We felt like there was more local stuff there than the other two.

Day 2: Singapore

  • Take a stroll around the beautiful town and take in the food and culture. This is by far the cleanest city in the world.
  • Catch the Gardens by the bay to take in a unique garden with a beautiful city back drop.
  • Later that night there is a world famous night safari zoo that I hear is unbelievable.

Day 3: Tanah Lot Temple

  • This is a beautiful temple by the sea and great for a photo opt. ($4.50USD/pp)
  • We suggest hiring a personal driver or a half day.
  • Check out Getting to, from, and around Bali.

Day 4: Pedang Pedang or Uluwatu Beach and Uluwatu Temple

  • Book a driver for a full day. Suggest around 10 hours.
  • Leave in the morning to explore a beautiful cliff-backed beach to wade or surf. The Uluwatu beach is much better if you’re looking to catch a surf wave.
  • Your driver should know how to reach the Pedang Pedang beach by name. They probably will be able to get to the Uluwatu one as well but if not, the beach can be reached by two separate branches of Jalan Pantai Suluban, each of which terminates at one end or the other of the staircases that lace their way down.
  • In the afternoon get back in the car and travel to the Uluwatu Temple on the coast. Make sure to arrive no later than 5 pm to explore. Check it out and get your photo opts.  If you catch it at the right time they do an authentic Hindu Balinese dance for $100k Rupiahs ($7.50 USD/pp) at around 6 pm.  The dance was well worth it.
  • Check out Getting to, from, and around Bali.

Day 5: Chill out on the beach, yoga class, spa day, shop, your pick.

  • Pick your desire this day, we just threw out some options
  • Yoga class $100k-150K Rupiahs ($7.50-10 USD)
  • Pamper Spa Day 6 hours $650k-900k Rupiahs ($50-70 USD)
  • 1 hour Balinese massage $120k-150k Rupiahs ($9-11 USD)

Day 6: Travel to Ubud, stop at rice terraces along the way

  • Leave in the morning. Plan for around a half day of a driver to take you to your next spot in Ubud with a stop and walk around the beautiful mountain side rice terraces ($1 USD/pp). It would also be a great lunch spot.
  • Check out Getting to, from, and around Bali.

Day 7: Monkey Forest

  • Visit the lively and beautiful Monkey Forest where the monkeys roam free and you can pay a small fee to feed them.
  • Monkey forest Entry fee: $40k Rupiahs ($3 USD/pp)
  • Warning: Make sure you have a plan to immediately hide the bananas or the monkeys will jump you and take the bundle.  This happened to us.  Also, be careful not to bring food, or any other loose valuable items.  The monkeys are used to people and will grab them.

Day 8: Cooking and/or Jewelry Making Class

  • We did both the cooking and jewelry making class ($400k Rupiahs or $30 USD). We loved them and recommend one or both.  Both take around 4 hours and are offered in either the morning or afternoon.  We suggest signing up at least a day if not two in advance.  The cooking classes are offered all over and they are all good.  For the jewelry making class we did it with Studio Perak.

Day 9: Sunrise Ridge Walk OR Mt Batur

  • This is the day were getting up early will be rewarding. If you want a lighter walk leave your hotel around 5 am (check your sunrise schedule).  Head to the corner of the main street Jl. Raya Ubud and Jl. Bisma. From there take the sidewalk down Jl. Raya in a Western direction. Walk 0.3 miles to the second right. There you will walk down a steep hill to the left about 50 feet ahead. At the bottom of this hill you will reach a bridge. This is the beginning of the walk. The total walk should take you around 2 hours or so depending on your starting point and is fairly easy. Nothing officially marks the end of the trail so when you reach a place comfortable come back the same way.
  • If you are on more of the adventurous side, want to challenge yourself, and see something breathtakingly beautiful, do the Mt Batur sunrise walk. Set it up with one of the numerous tour companies around Ubud (best price I saw was around $50 USD).  Typically, they pick you up between 1:30 to 2:30 am, guide you up the mountain so you can watch the sunrise on top, make you breakfast, and then make the descend so you are back at your hotel for a nap by early afternoon.

Day 10: Head to Gilli Islands or Nusa Lembongan/Nusa Cennigan

  • Depending on what you’re into and the time you have we suggest heading to one of the islands near Bali via Ferry.
  • The Gilli Islands are small islands with no cars or motorbikes close to Lombok and are separated into three islands.
    • Gilli Trawangan is the largest most touristy island, known as the party island.
    • Gilli Air has more of a local community and considered a social backpacker island.
    • Gili Meno is the laid back of the three and is great for couples.
  • Nusa Lembongan and Nusa Cennigan are super laid back islands connected by a bridge. They have beautiful turquoise waters and amazing scuba and snorkel opportunities.
  • Around Nusa Cennigan is where all the dive spots are so if your keen on diving a bunch while you’re there you might like the option, but you could stay on either.
  • Nusa Lembongan is the bigger of the two with more restaurants and bars. If you were scared to dive a motor bike in the busier spots these low-key islands are a great place to try it out.
  • For Ferry info check out Getting to, from, and around Bali.

Day 11: Snorkel or Scuba Day

  • Organize a snorkel tour typically they take you to three spots to see the larger than life Manta rays, Crystal Bay, and the Mangroves. Half day tour runs around $200,000 Rupiahs ($15 USD/pp).
  • Organize a full day of scuba diving and pick a few from the many amazing sights they have. $700k Rupiahs ($50 for two dives/pp).

Day 12: Motor bike or foot explore day

  • Explore the island you are on by motorbike or by foot. Get lost, the islands are so small it will be easy to find your way back or ask for directions.
  • If staying on one of the Nusa’s where you can roam on motor bike we suggest the following stops:
    • Blue Lagoon (on Nusa Cennigan)
    • Dream Beach
    • Devils Tears (great for sunset)
    • Snorkel the Mangroves at the end of the island road
  • For motor bike info check out Getting to, from, and around Bali.

Day 13: Beach and/or Pool Day

  • Kick back for your last full day beach or poolside.
  • If on Nusa Lembongan, the best view from pool side or beach will be at the Mahagiri Resort open to the public. Grab a drink and enjoy.

Day 14: Pack the bags and Head home

  • Suggest spending the night closer to the airport depending on what time your flight is. Traffic in Bali is unpredictable.


We know this would make for an epic Bali vacation. Feel free to mix it up and let us know I there is anything else you are interested in or questions we can answer.

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