About Us World Travel budget

World travel budget is travel blog and website designed by Cierra and John Dickson, a married couple from Sacramento, California.  We strive to be a travel and lifestyle resource, providing valuable information, opportunity and motivation for others to live  out their dreams as we are doing.  We want to inspire and encourage others to travel, especially on the longer term; anywhere from a month to a year. If it is something you want and dream about you can make it happen. Let us help.

We took a leap of faith and left our corporate careers in September 2016, (Cierra as a CPA and John in sales and marketing consisting of 50 to 60 hour weeks) to pursue our dreams of seeing the world.  We wanted to travel before we have kids, and at 28 and 30 in America it feels like your options are to have kids or absorb yourself in your career (or both).  Not liking either option we created a third one.  By living below our means and minimizing the possessions and debt that tied us to one place, we created the freedom to move about the world as we choose.

We are currently doing just that.  We are traveling the world and wish to help others do the same.  This website is about showing you what it’s really like on the road; providing tips, itineraries, life changing experiences, and even poking fun at our mistakes along the way.

Our little Story

Our travel aspirations all began years ago, myself after my senior high school trip to Europe in 2006, which I saved for by working at Papa Murphy’s Take-n-Bake Pizza, and Johnny after his yearly family vacations to Mexico, Hawaii and various parts of the US.  Theses travels ignited a spark of curiosity in people, places, and things around the world.

We met at Sonoma State University and fell in love over a competitive and highly eventful game of beer pong.  Six years later in June 2014 we were cruising in to our wedding reception on a riding lawn mower blasting “She Thinks My Tractor’s Sexy”.



Then it was off to Belize for our honeymoon.  In Belize we found adventure in meeting friends and exploring San Pedro in our golf cart.  We created a game of spying the unmarked speed bumps on the mainland after hitting one going sixty miles per hour. Played with fire flies while we were waiting for a ride at Nohoch Che’en National Park after our rental car’s battery died, to be picked up by a large bus full of the neighborhood children.  It was through these experiences that we came to understand that life is all about these rich moments of living and experiencing, learning to laugh at yourself and rolling with what life brings.  We loved the unpredictability and variety that travel created. We were hooked and wanted more.

After college at age 22 I began working at a public accounting firm, Moss Adams LLP, where I became a CPA.   Johnny worked in sales for Crown Worldwide, selling residential and commercial moving services.   While we both had great careers with wonderful and supportive companies, we both were eager to see the world.   Since we missed the “gap year” that most travel curious kids take after college, we chose to create our own gap year.  As both of us have been affected by young deaths in friends and family we weren’t willing to wait until after retirement to travel the world.  We wanted to “Carpe diem!”  and travel when we are young, physically fit, and active as who knows where we will be in 25 or 30 years?

Reorganizing our lives so that we had no financial obligations or possessions tying us down, we were ready to embark on the journey of a lifetime.