7 Day itinerary in Belize

7 Day Belize Intinerary

Here is a way to experience all that Belize has to offer. From the vast barrier reef and beaches to the rainforest. This is a vague guide to help you through planning your trip to Belize. This itinerary may seem jam packed, so feel free to space it out with free days or change it around to suit your tastes.  For example, if you’re into scuba diving, then this itinerary could be updated to spend each morning diving one of the most accessible barrier reefs in the world.

Day 1 Arrival:

  • Fly into Belize City. Shoot over to Ambergis Caye, San Pedro Belize.
    • Two Options for Transportation
      • Water Taxi- San Pedro Express Water Taxi $35 USD/person round trip. Takes 1hr 30min. The water taxi has a boat going out every 45min. Don’t forget it’s about $25 USD (x2 for round trip) for a taxi ride from the airport to the ferry building.
      • Plane flight- Take Tropic Air $175-$200 USD/person round trip. Takes about 30min.
    • Grab a taxi to your place. If your place is in town it should be no more than $5 USD for a van taxi.
    • Go out and enjoy a walk along the beach and line up a trip out to Hol Chan Marine Reserve and Shark and Ray Alley.

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Day 2 Barrier Reef Exploration:

  • Grab the 9am snorkel tour out to Hol Chan and Shark and Ray Alley for a great day adventuring the Barrier Reef.
  • Afternoon is left for you to explore San Pedro.
  • Make sure to line up a Golf Cart for the next day of exploration.

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Day 3 Golf Cart Exploration:

  • Start your day around 9am Grabbing the golf cart. Stop by a deli or place with food to grab lunch to go. There will be No grocery stores out of town. Or you can try your luck with the bar or food truck they have there (check availability depending on time of year).
  • Start your adventure to Secret beach, takes about 45min by golf cart. See Video On how to get there..
  • After the beer runs out or you get hungry again start your journey back into town.
  • Stop by Captain Morgan’s for a dip in their pool side bar or experience one of the best beaches in Ambergris Caye.
  • If you get hungry: Grab tapas at Aji’s for some Belizean fine dining. They have delicious food, and you will be treated to a great view by the sea with sand at your toes.
  • If your still in the fun spirit go by The Dive Bar for free Kayaking, paddle boarding or hop on the huge foam mattress in the ocean.
  • If you want to play corn hole stop by Coco Locos swim up bar.

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Day 4 Mayan Ruins Adventure:

  • Hop on a boat in the morning to take the Lamanai Mayan Ruins Jungle River Adventure. On this journey, you will catch a boat to the mainland, then hop on a bus through the forest, arriving at the river’s edge. Then you will take another boat up river to the Lamanai Mayan Ruins. During this adventure, you will experience the jungle, wild life, and see some of the greatest Mayan pyramids ever built.
  • This tour is an all day event that is well worth it.

Day 5 Head Back Inland

  • Hop back on the plane or Water Taxi to Belize City.
  • Grab a rental Car for 2 days for about $150US with full insurance.
  • Start Driving Towards San Ignacio (2hr 30min). We got an AirBnb for $40 USD/night.
  • Stop at the Belize Zoo. This is the most beautiful zoo I have ever seen. Here you will see some great rainforest animals that you will never get to experience otherwise. Its located between Belize City and Belmopan.
  • Grab some great food at Ko-OX Han Nah.

Day 6 Explore the Greatest Cave in the World

  • Actun Tunichil Muknal Cave (ATM) was the best adventure we went on during our travels to Belize.
  • National Geographic’s rated this cave as their best Sacred Cave in the World.
  • Once on your Tour bus out of San Ignacio, you will have an 7 hour extraordinary adventure at the Cave. Read more about it in this post.(ATM cave post).
  • Once your back around 3-4pm take a shower and head to happy hour.
  • Eva’s Restaurant had some great drink specials and some good food.

Day 7 Return Home

  • Most flights out of Belize to the USA are around 1-3pm. I would suggest leaving at least 6 hours prior to your flight. If an accident occurs on the Main freeway this leads to huge traffic jams since this is the only road to the airport.

Thanks for looking at the 7 day Belize Itinerary. Other Belize itinerary may not be as packed but we believe this would be one great trip for a couple traveling.