Singapore Lodging

The Scoop

Singapore is one of the most expensive countries and cities to live in according to Forbes. When reserving a room don’t expect to find a private room for under $60 USD a night.  We ended up staying about 15 minutes outside of the downtown area and got our own private tiny hotel room with a bathroom for around $60 USD (see pictures). When I say tiny it was basically a bed, a walk way and the smallest bathroom you have ever seen. The hotel worked great for the 3 nights we spent there though. When booking always take in consideration how much transportation will cost you to get to the downtown area. If there are 2 of you and it costs $20 every day, and you can get a place in the middle of town for $20 more and it would be more convenient.  Sites that you can book a great room in Singapore that we use are Air Bnb,, and Agoda (in Asia areas).

High End

Marina Bay Sands hotel

marina bay sands

Most unique hotel in the world. If you have the budget this will be one of the best hotels you ever stay at in your life.



Mid Range:

Novotel Singapore


Rated at 8.9 out of 10 for overall hotel. This is one of the highest rated hotels that is pretty central to the downtown area.


$142/ Night

Hostels/ Homestays

Garden Terrace Hotel

Here is one of the cheapest hotels you will find with your own room and bathroom. Very small place but clean and food close. Its about a 15min Uber ride away from downtown at $3usd.

Garden terrace hotel

$56/ night


Airbnb option:

Condo Near city

Here would be a great option that is about 10min from downtown. Have a comfortable place with a pool, kitchen, gym and your own place. Save a couple bucks cooking.


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