Singapore Food

The scoop

Singapore food is unique. You would think it would be a totally Asian style of eating, but I’m sorry you would be mistaken. Singapore brings all the cultures around the world to your eating pleasure. The one dish the local Singapore locals raved about was spicy crab. Since Singapore is one of the richest countries to live in the world the food is typically pretty expensive. We tended to eat out at the local open air food markets where you could get a plate and beer for around $8-$10 usd. Here you had your choices of different types of meats and some seafood. The atmosphere at these markets is great and a great way to get the night started in Singapore.

Singapore dishes:

pork fried rice

Pork Fried Rice

tereyaki chicken wings

Teriyaki chicken wings

orange chicken

Orange Chicken

What to Drink?

Since Singapore is a very international city you will find almost every kind of alcohol you would like to consume. The local beers like Tiger, San Miguel or Sapporo will cost you around $4 usd for a 16oz beer out. The cocktails range at most bars and restaurants from $4-9 on what you would like. Yes there water is safe to drink


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