Bali belly aka diaharreah from bacteria (Foods to avoid, what to do when you get sick, medications, and what works)

It starts as an unsettled stomach with fatigue.  Then all of a sudden you have to run to the bathroom.  Then 20 minutes later your running again.  It goes on like that until you are dehydrated, drained and tired.  You start getting sharp cramps and your lying in bed far away from home, not wanting to move.  But I’m on vacation or traveling? WTF? This is not ideal.


I have been there, a couple of times.  It sucks I know.  While I am a not a doctor, when I got sick I did a ton of googling and tried a bunch of different methods to cure my aliments.  I have collected all my research below so that it might help you if you get sick on the road.

What to Foods to Avoid

  • Ice
  • Non cooked foods
  • Salads
  • Meats that have set out for too long
  • Non bottled water
  • Homemade alcohol (Arak)

icecream     salad

What to do when you get sick

  • Keep hydrated
  • Rest
  • Drink cup a noodle or broth (helps with the dehydration)
  • Stay cool
  • Eat bland foods (oat porridge with hot water and a pinch of salt, yogurt, rice, etc..)
  • Drink gatorade/coconut water to replenish your mineral salts to prevent cramps and aches.

Woman Drinking Glass of Water     cup-noodles21

If severe illness here are some medications available.  Most are in Asia.

  • Charcoal tablets (used to dispel poision or other ailments from the body)
  • Po Chai pills (a natural remedie for sour stomach and diahreah)
  • Hyoscine-N-Butylbromide (for cramps)
  • Imodium or Loperamide (Anti-diarrheal)
  • Antibiotics (Penicillin, etc)
  • Probiotics (Yogurt, pill or powder drink form, these are more preventative measures filling you with good bacteria to fight off the bad)

charcoal pills        po chai pills

What works

After being sick for 3 days, then 6 days, and then only around 2 days what worked best for me was just rest, chicken broth (via cup-o-noodles or chicken soup) and electrolyte drinks (Gatorade or something smilar).   Letting the bacteria or illness get of my system naturally.  I noticed when I took a lot of anti-diarrhea medicine the illness lasted longer.  From my research it may help to let yourself diaharreah it out of your system.  If you keep yourself hydrated and  rested you get better faster.  Better one wasted or relaxing day than 5?  Of course if it get severe above are some meditations to try out.  If your illness gets really bad and you have seen no improvement in 3 days you might want to seek a physician.

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