Diving or Snorkeling on Menjangan Island Bali

A vast and beautiful coral reef garden lies along the shores of Menjanan Island off the coast of northern Bali to the west. Once under the sea in the warm 80°F waters, you will see tons of fish, turtles, black tip sharks and a beautiful coral reef wall. After scuba diving in the Caribbean, and Pacific Ocean, Menjangan is my favorite place with calm waters and colorful coral and fish.  This is a marine reserve, which helps protect the coral and wildlife under the sea. Also known as reindeer island, you will see Santa’s helpers with huge antlers roaming around the island during lunchtime.


Menjangan Island off the coast of Bali (we went from Lovina, Bali) There are tours going to the island from all over Bali.


$60 USD pp for scuba and $40 USD pp for snorkeling.  This is the price we paid during off season.

What to Expect

This is an all day tour that picks you up from your hotel.  There are many tours offered all over Bali so you can ask your hotel or walk around the town and you will easily find a tour operator.

If you opt for a snorkel excursion you will be in around 5-15 feet of water. You can swim out to the coral edge where there is a shear wall that goes down 150 feet.  The scuba dive starts here where you go down to your comfort, but most of the action is around 30 to 40 feet.

We took a tour out of Lovina Beach, which included:

  • All day (~8am to 5pm coming from Lovina)
  • Bus transfer to and from
  • Boat ride out to island
  • Guide (speaks English)
  • Scuba or snorkel gear
  • Wet suit (scuba only)
  • Lunch, drinks
  • ~1.5 hours of scuba or snorkeling at 2 spots.

What to Bring

  • Go pro and/or camera
  • Sunscreen
  • Sunglasses
  • Towel

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