Bali fun things to do

Top 10 fun things to do in Bali

Here you will find 10 fun activities that are unique to Bali. From climbing a volcano to monkey’s jumping you for bananas. Let’s explore what Bali has to offer.

10. Rent a Motorbike and Explore

Location: All over Bali, but the safest locations in Bali are the smaller towns like Canggu, Amed, Lovina, and outside the larger cities.

Overview: Bali may not be the safest place to ride a motorbike, but your maximum speed is usually only around 10 mph, which reduces your risk.  We had a lot of fun riding the motorbike to the local temple, beach, or snorkel spot for a relaxing fun day. When you’re on a motorbike you have freedom to explore new places that are harder to reach by foot.

The Scoop: Wear pants and the helmet.  Don’t drive at night.

Duration: All day, as long or as little as you want

Cost: $6-$8 USD per day to rent the bike and $3 USD for gas

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9. Fire Dance Show

Location: Uluwatu Temple, Bali

Overview: Step into Balinese folklore with this unique perspective into their culture. This show is done with a large group of men using only their bodies to create sound and music.  Their elaborate costumes, unique dance, and use of fire pulls you into the performance.  Also, you can’t forget the white monkey, he is the star of the show with his funny tirades and interaction with the crowd.

The Scoop: Pair this with your exploration of the temple and get there around 4:30 pm.  Make sure to get to the show as soon as they open the doors about 30 minutes prior to the start of the show (6pm). It gets packed and people had to sit on the floor Indian style watching this 1 hour show.

Duration: 1 hour show, 2.5 hours for the temple and show

Cost: $7-$8 USD pp

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8. Learn how to surf

Location: Seminyak Beach, Bali

Overview: I would bet this is one of the best places to learn how to surf in the world.  Here you will find soft sand beaches and warm waters.  The ocean is only 4 feet deep with waves that can push you, but not drown you making it a great spot to learn.

The Scoop: Lessons are also very reasonably priced if you want to set one up beforehand at the top of the beach.  After you had enough you can grab some shade with the hundreds of umbrellas and loungers for a great afternoon. Also, lunch is only a few steps away with restaurants lining the beaches.

Duration: 2 to 3 hours, unless you’re a diehard and all day?

Cost: $7.50 USD per hour for board and lesson

7. Balinese sliver making class

Location: Ubud, Bali at Studio Perak.

Overview: Here you will take a class with a Balinese silver craftsman and learn how to make your own ring, earrings, or pendant.  From scrap to jewelry you will cut, blow torch, and buff your silver into own handmade creation.

The Scoop: They usually only do two classes a day one in the morning and one in the afternoon.  There is only room for about 8 people in each class so we suggest booking a couple of days in advance. Great fun, no prior jewelry making experience needed, they will help you!

Duration: 4 hours

Cost: $30 USD pp

6. Tegalalang Rice Terrace Tour

Location: Outside Ubud, Bali

Overview: This is a unique Bali experience as the island is known for their spectacular rice terraces. When you get to a terrace built on the side of a hill, it is jaw dropping. Then your guide tells you they created it all with a shovel and their bare hands. WOW.

The Scoop: I would not necessarily hire a tour guide. You just need a driver, taxi, or uber to get you there and back. Once at the terrace there will be shopping, food, and trails throughout. Take an hour or two and get some epic photos of hiking the terraces. Then when you build up an appetite head to the local restaurant for some great Indonesian food and breathtaking views.

Duration: Half day, 1 to 2 hours walking and 1 to 2 hours for lunch

Cost: $1 USD pp for rice terrace.


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5. Dolphin boat sunset

Location: Lovina, Bali

Overview: I know hunting for Dolphins sounds a little bad, but I swear it’s a good time. You wake up at the crack of dawn to hop on a little wooden boat, with a driver that doesn’t speak English. I’m really selling it now.  As you cruise out to the middle of the Pacific Ocean the shore gets further and further away. With the Balinese mountains in the background you see the sun rising on the horizion and it becomes majestic. Then you see a school of dolphins in front of your boat playing. Now it’s hunting time.  Well, at least it seems that way. Once one boat spots a dolphin then you have 20 other boats trailing to get right up on the dolphins. Yes, you will have miniature dolphins swimming around your boat and jumping out of the water. I think there were at least 100 out there.

The Scoop: Every morning these boats take off from the shores of Lovina beach to see these dolphins frolic.  Book a boat the day before.  You can book with your hotel or just go down to the beach area and there will be guys sitting around who you can book with directly.  These boats head out at sunrise (around 6 am give or take).

Duration: 1 to 1.5 hours

Cost: $6-$7 pp

4. Mount Batur Sunrise hike

Location: Mount Batur, Bali (Outside of Ubud)

Overview: At 5,633 feet, Mount Batur’s creates a stunning sunrise vantage point.  Once at the top of the mountain, on a clear day you will enjoy the spectacular views of other volcanoes and the entire island.

The Scoop: This is a moderate activity level with temperatures around 46-60° F.  It takes around 2 hours to reach the top of the mountain.  Since Mount Batur is an active volcano you will be served breakfast heated from the steam of the mountain.  Also, check out the weather and try to pick a clear day for the best view.

Duration: 1:30/2:30 am to early afternoon. ~4 hours of hiking

Cost: $50-60 USD for 2 people. The tour company is basically lining up a driver for transport to and from the mountain, as well as a guide.  The guides are paid roughly $11 USD to take you up the mountain and feed you breakfast. Another less expensive option is to negotiate directly with a driver to take you to and from Mt Batur.  Then negotiate with a guide at the bottom of the mountain and cut out the middle man.

3. Monkey Forest Sanctuary

Location: Ubud, Bali

Overview: With 700 monkeys hanging around the sanctuary you will be up close and personal with our closest animal relatives. There is entertainment all around as you watch them take care of their family, eat, and wander around causing trouble, pulling dresses, and stealing water bottles.    With beautiful scenery through the park and close encounters with these little creatures this is a must see.

The Scoop: Be weary because these monkeys are thieves!  Do not bring food in with you or any shinny objects. If you buy a bundle of bananas, I suggest putting the bananas into your bag immediately, except for a couple. When I bought a bundle, I had all of them in my hand and was ambushed by two monkeys until I was left with nothing. That was a one minute span.  They didn’t bite me or claw me just hopped on my back until I handed over the bananas.

Duration: 2-3 hours

Cost: $3 USD pp and $4 USD for a bundle of bananas

2. Swim with the Manta Rays

Location: Manta Ray Snorkel Tours, Nusa Lembongan, Indonesia (off the coast of Bali)

Overview: Swim alongside these gentle giants whose wing span is around 10 feet wide.  Typically, the snorkeling trip takes you to 3 different spots: Manta Bay, Crystal Bay, and Mangrove point where you can see a beautiful array of fish life and coral.

The Scoop:  Suggest booking a couple days in advance, our guide Diasa, in the link above, owns and operates the business and is wonderful.  If the water is choppy you may get sea sick so we suggest taking some non-drowsy motion sickness pills or wear one of the bracelets if you have this problem.  Also, the water in Crystal Bay in chilly so you might want to bring a long sleeved quick dry shirt to keep you warm.

Duration: Half day, usually starts in the morning around 8/8:30 am.

Cost: $15 USD pp

1. Scuba or Snorkel Menjangan Island

Location: Menjangan Island off the coast of Bali (we went from Lovina, Bali) There are tours going to the island from all over Bali.

Overview: A vast and beautiful coral reef garden lies along the shores of Menjanan Island off the coast of northern Bali to the west. Once under the sea in the warm 80F waters, you will see tons of fish, turtles, black tip sharks and a beautiful coral reef wall.

The Scoop: Book a view days in advance. If you go during off season remember that all prices are negotiable.  There was a little water shower there so we suggest bringing a towel and change of clothes for the bus ride back.

Duration: All day (~8am to 5pm coming from Lovina)

Cost: $60 USD pp for scuba and $40 USD pp for snorkeling. This is the price we paid during off season.  We took a tour out of Lovina Beach, which included:

  • Bus transfer to and from
  • Boat ride out to island
  • Guide (speaks English)
  • Scuba or snorkel gear
  • Wet suit (scuba only)
  • Lunch, drinks
  • ~1.5 hours of scuba or snorkeling at 2 spots.

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