Guam Lodging


Guam has 1st class lodging with full resorts and hotel stays in the main part of Tumon Bay. Remember if your near Tumon Bay the shuttle bus has stops all over that area so you’re a quick cheap ride to anywhere around the downtown area. Other options for lodging would be AirBnb’s or the cheaper hotels throughout the area.

While looking through Airbnb we saw rooms from $55-65/night for a couple. This would get you a private room and bathroom. As you get closer to Tumon Bay it gets a little more expensive. You also can find cheaper hotel rooms for about $80/night with a queen bed and personal bathroom.

We got lucky enough to stay with Cierra’s Grandparents in Guam so we did not have to go through the process of getting a place here. But we did do the math of how much a place cost for a comparison on our couples budget.