Fun South Island:

The South Island is known for its dramatic mountain scenery, lots of wildlife opportunity, great walks, and home to the epic Sounds. It seemed like any place we traveled through had fun things to do. After arriving to the island on the ferry we drove to the Nelson area for a kayaking tour around the beautiful Abel Tasman. Head down the west coast for a close up view of a Glacier. Then over to Queenstown for a luge ride or mountain bike ride down the mountain. Hop on a boat in Milford Sound for some great waterfalls and mountain views. Once you get to the Caitlins make sure not to miss the penguins and wildlife. Here are some things we did:

Botanical Gardens                        Mountain Hikes

Luge                                          Wildlife exploring

Milford Sound Cruise                    Glacier Hikes

Kayaking                                    Ferry across Cook Strait

Sky Diving                                  Canyonning

Jet Boat Rides                             Off Road Adventures

New Zealand Lodging

Lodging: While staying in New Zealand you will be able to find a place to stay practically anywhere you travel. A few options would be Air Bnb, hotels, camper van, Bed and Breakfast, and holiday parks. Lodging varies widely between the different options. On...
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The 7 Wonders of New Zealand

We have all heard of the 7 wonders of the world, but in such a small country New Zealand packs a punch for natural wonders. New Zealand is filled with so much incredible beauty that we had to create our own list of the 7 wonders of New Zealand. Here you will find our favorite locations for their stunning scenic appeal.

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10 Things to Know in New Zealand

Here are the 10 things to know in New Zealand before packing your bags to go to one of the worlds most beautiful places. Everything from what time to eat, the slow internet, the bland food and the unpredictable weather patterns.

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Experience New Zealand for Less South Island

New Zealand is known to be a pricy travel destination despite our positive exchange rate. There are a TON of activities that can end up costing you beaucoup bucks in New Zealand. You can also do it smart and rely on the uniqueness

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