When traveling across Eastern Australia we found lots of options for accommodations. Here is a guide to Australia from very cheap to the very expensive. We mostly stayed in along the way. We made St. Kilda our home for 1 month at an Air Bnb about 500 feet off the ocean. It cost us about $2,300 for the month but was an upscale studio. It was about a 20 minute tram ride into downtown Melbourne.

While on the road for a month we stayed in hotel rooms, hostels, and Air Bnb’s. We felt like booking.com and Air BnB usually gave us the best budget options while on the road from town to town. We averaged about $65 USD a day for accommodations and never shared a room with anyone. If you’re a couple that is sensitive to heat then make sure to call ahead to make sure your room has AC that is working. On multiple occasions, we showed up to our place that had an A/C unit, but they have all the windows up and its 90 degrees outside with 85% humidity. Australian’s don’t like to spend their money on A/C apparently, especially the budget options.