Local Transportation:

While in Melbourne we experienced one of the best public transport systems in the world. Here you can catch a tram, bus or train outside the city limits and be headed toward the city within 5 minutes. The Tram’s are very clean and they have a Myki system where you swipe at a machine when entering the tram so you don’t have to wait around for people to pay the driver. If you happen to be out of town a little bit grab the train for an express way into the city. They public transport system only cost about $2 USD for 2 hours of rides. Once in the downtown Melbourne city you can use the public transportation for FREE in certain areas.

Once on the road we chose to rent a car for 1 month. It cost us about $850 USD for the month to rent a brand-new car from Hertz rent a car. We chose to use our Capital One Visa Credit card to cover our insurance. We drove about 4,000 miles (6,437 km) from Melbourne to Brisbane on our road trip up north. Be careful to add extra mileage when calculating gas because the original estimate for miles was about 2,750 miles or $120 USD more in gas. The cheaper option for transportation would have been taking a bus from big town to big town. We also found one way flights for around $55 as another option.

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