The Australian food was very similar to what you can find in the US.  It also had a melting pot of ethnic food like back home in the United states from Italian, Thai, Indian, or Chinese, and Japanese food. While in Melborne we discover two restaurants that are perfect for a romantic couples night out. The first was called Red Silk in downtown Melbourne which has some of the best Asian fusion food we have ever tasted. The second one was called Mr. Miyagi’s which was the best Japanese fushion food we have ever had. Don’t miss their Salmon Nori Taco, it’s to die for.  They also have the common suspects of McDonalds, Hungry Jacks (burger king), and KFC that all have the $1 slurpee when it gets hot.

When eating out we felt the restaurants were equivalent to eating in California around $15-30 USD per plate. One down side, at your drive throughs there is no such thing as the dollar menu. The fast food places tend to be a bit more expensive than that of the United States.

We discovered that Australia had a lot of great beers to offer. One of Cierra’s favorites was Stone & Wood’s pacific ale, mine being their Jasper Red Ale. About a month later we visited their tasting room in Byron bay to experience some of their limited lines of beer, which were also delicious.

Australia also has some of the world’s best wines. They have some free tastings and most tasting were only $5.