Belize lodging

Belize Lodging

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When staying in Belize I would highly recommend staying around these Towns on the basis of safety, variety of food, and things to do: San Pedro, Caye Caulker, San Ignacio, Placencia, Orange walk, Hopkins, Belmopan, or Punta Gorda.   Lodging on an island in Belize costs $45-$100/night for a couple based on your tastes. If your more in the backpacker mood you can get a room with a bunk setup for $30-$45/night for a couple.  On the mainland, you will be able to get a place from $26-$80/night for a couple based on the same criteria.

I highly suggest getting accommodation with a fully equipped kitchen and going out to explore the local grocery stores, farmers markets, and butcher shops. This will help to put money back in your pocket, as the grocery stores and butchers are inexpensive.  Make sure when searching for lodging in Belize to have these necessities due to the weather and bugs: AC unit (that works), internet, water (not tasty for drinking), electricity, and a place closer to the ocean is preferred to avoid the mosquito’s.