Belize Food

Belize food

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Food on Belize comes in various countries of origin, From the Caribbean to Lebanese the country covers all its basis when it comes to restaurants as the owners open a piece of their home to all their patrons. Restaurants out on the islands tend to be a little pricier around $10-$40 USD per plate. While on the main land you will get the best prices for a meal around $5-$20 USD per plate.

The local Belizean plate you will see everywhere will be rice and beans with your choice of Beef, chicken, or pork. When reaching for the local pepper sauce make sure to grab the right one, they tend to be on the hot side! Belize is not known for their beer choices since they have an embargo on all beers that are made outside the Caribbean, but at least they are cheap at $2 USD! They also have a great choice of local rum that is made from Belizean pure sugar cane.

When you’re by the coast make sure to order the fresh Ceviche, or ask for their seasonal seafood of Lobster and Conch. For good fresh meat in San Pedro, you have to go to a butcher shop, we found Lido’s Meats where we found fresh meat at low prices. $5 for two sirloin steaks, $3 per pound for boneless chicken breasts.  The vegetables are purchased at various farmer’s markets around town.