Guam 10 Best things to do

Whether you like to shop, swim, or a bit of adventure, Guam has it all. Below you will find the top things to do and see while on this magical island. You don’t have to be rich to get the full experience of the island.

Snorkel in one of the World’s most pristine waters

The fact that Guam’s turquoise blue waters hover around 80-85 degrees year-round is the best reason to jump right in. Guam has a barrier reef almost around the entire island that creates a shallow hot bed for coral and fish to thrive. When planning your snorkel trips make sure to keep these places in mind Fish Eye marine park, Gun beach, Ypao Beach Park and many more.

Wednesday Night Market

These night market brings unique food and a great night out. Catch the local shuttle trolley for $7 round trip out to the night market.  Once to the night market you can enjoy real Chamorro cooking. Grab a pork, chicken, or beef stick with red rice for a delicious inexpensive meal. With live music and a dance floor enjoy a night of fun. They also have some great fruit smoothies you must try.


Guam provides some world class shopping. You can find anything from Louis Viton to Gucci or just the local knick knacks.

Check these places out:

Micronesian Mall– A mix of local shops and famous brands.

Guam Premier Outlets: Have all the famous brands at discount prices.

The Plaza Shopping Center: You can find your high-end goods here.

Wed Night Market– Get your local souvenirs from the locals.

Relax in the Natural pools

Take a trip to the beautiful south part of Guam. Take a dip in the  Inarajan Natural Pools with the beautiful fish (50 min). Here the water is warm and remember to bring your snorkel gear. After Inarajan, drive south another 15 minutes to Priest Pools but don’t miss the majestic pictures of Cocos Island. Should take you about 15 min direct drive to the Priest Natural Pools. Park your car on the residential street. Make sure to take all your valuables with you. There is a clearing where you walk and just follow the path on about a 10 min walk out to the pools.

Take the red shuttle bus around to explore town

Hop on the Red Shuttle bus to get a feel for the area. I would suggest purchasing the 5 or 7 day unlimited rides pass. Take this around and hop on and off to any place you seem interested in. This shuttle stops at a lot of the hotels and shopping malls around the area.

OR rent a car and cruise the entire island. Should take about 4 hours to do a complete loop.

World War II Exploration

Did you know that Guam was attacked simultaneously during the attack on Pearl Harbor? Take a short 20min drive to the Stell Newman Visitor Center for the best FREE war museum we have ever seen.  From here they will give you a map of all the WWII sights. You can take picture with the old guns and cave like bunkers used in the war. There are about 4 stops and this should all take about a half day.

Hike to a majestic waterfall

Take on the challenge of Sigua Falls. This challenging hike will take about 4 hours of hiking round trip, plus whatever time you would like to spend at the falls. This hike has it all: mud, crossing rivers, steep rope descends, and a majestic waterfall you can jump off.

Note: Bring gloves (for rope), hiking shoes, towel, sunscreen, and bug repellent. There is sword grass that will scrape you a so pants are a must if your sensitive.

I highly recommend using this person’s guide map to get to the Sigua Falls. Don’t miss pictures at the old WWII tank.

Catch live music and the Sunset at The Beach Bar

Grab a Sunset to wind down at The Beach Bar at Gunn Beach. Enjoy live music from 5-7 pm Monday-Friday, with drink specials most of the night. Buckets of beer for $18 and a view you cannot beat.

While there you also have an opportunity to see the native fire show next door in a beautiful setting.

Beach day on white sand

Head to Tumon bay for a relaxing day in the sun. Here you will enjoy white sand beaches with no waves. Make sure to bring your snorkel gear along because there is plenty to explore here. If trying to snorkel I would go to the Ypao Park. Once in the parking lot just head straight out in the water from there. Swim to your left toward the Hilton and you will find coral and fish everywhere. Make sure to check the tide and go close to high tide or it will be extremely shallow and you will not be able to get through some parts of the coral.

Underwater World

Underwater World is a great place to get out of the heat and chill. You can experience sharks, rays, beautiful fish and other sea creatures up close and personal out of the water.

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