Wonders of New Zealand

We have all heard of the 7 wonders of the world, but in such a small country New Zealand packs a punch for natural wonders.  New Zealand is filled with so much incredible beauty that we had to create our own list of the 7 wonders of New Zealand.  Here you will find our favorite locations for their stunning scenic appeal.


A hidden gem in New Zealand, Castlepoint is a place of peace and reverence.  A wonderful place to relax and enjoy the beauty that surrounds you. It packs charm and allure into a small beach town.

Nugget Point

A photographer’s dream, Nugget Point has incredible panoramic views of the coastline.  With a light house at the tip, steep bluffs, and scattered rocky “nuggets” below, it makes for a serene and stunning photo.    Full of wildlife, Nugget Point is also home to a colony of seals at the bottom of the headland, as well as penguins, gannets, spoonbills, dolphins, and other animals that can be viewed from above.

Lake Wanaka

Tranquility fills this magically place.  Located in the stunning alps of the South Island, the natural beauty of the area is captivating to all who visit. The best view is at the top of Roy’s Peak, where at the end of a difficult climb you are rewarded with a spectacular view of the lake surrounded by the majestic alps.

Milford Sound

Milford Sound is a place of absolute majestic beauty.  Located deep within Fiordland National Park this gem should be on everyone’s New Zealand itinerary.  Radiating peace and tranquility as you glide through the ocean, you can’t help but feel bless that you get to step into one of nature’s wonders.


Coromandel is filled with so many wonderful scenic spots and could not be left off this list.  The peninsula is rustic and full of rugged volcanic hills covered in native rain forest.  On top of that its pristine coastline promises a spectacular beach for relaxation or play.

Tongariro National Park

With the active volcanic mountains of Ruapehu, Ngauruhoe, and Tongariro as the center pieces, this park is both magnificent and powerful.  With alpine shrub lands, beech forests, exposed lava flows, craters, and emerald lakes this is a place of sheer aesthetic beauty.

Abel Tasman

Abel Tasman National Park is a coastal paradise!  One of the warmer scenic locations in New Zealand, it is known for its golden beaches surrounded by native forest and granite and marble formations.   You can walk through or explore by cruise boat, sailing catamaran, water taxi or sea kayak, and watch sting rays glide through the crystal clear water.

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