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Sometimes you just need to Get out of town and find a Secret Beach

Hanging out at a couple bars and talking with some locals they suggested we go to a place on the other side of the island called Secret Beach. They described it as a totally different vide than the east side of the island (Gulf of Mexico side) that has a huge area to wade in the warm blue water.  In comparison to where we are in town it’s a good 1 hour long golf cart ride through some treacherous terrain.

With an ice chest packed we head to the local deli to grab some sandwiches to start our Journey out to Secret Beach.  We had smooth sailing through the freshly pathed northern road, until it ended and we hit the good ole gravel dirt road full of bumps and pot holes, which if you hit fast enough may feel like your boobs are flying off of your body.  “Opps, sorry babe I missed that one.”

The Fork in the road

On the gravel road there is a pretty good view of both sides of the island and you can see a lot of the northern homes, resorts, restaurants, and bars as you cruise through.  Then we come up to the fork in the road with a sign pointed left to “Secret Beach bar and grill.” Wait I thought this was a secret beach?

We turn left and have beautiful water on both sides of the road.

Then we were forced to gamble on some unmarked turns, with a caravan of tourists behind us we were hoping we made the right decisions.  Finally, we pull up to Secret Beach!

Now it has to be said that this isn’t really what I would call a beach, yes I have been spoiled by the California beaches, so maybe I am not the best judge. But none the less it is a great swimming and hang out spot which consists of a small beach with gorgeous blue water, some layout chairs, a dock, a renovation in process bar, and a food truck.

We soon dived in for a dip, some beers, met some friends and enjoyed our day at Secret beach.

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