Packed our bags for 1 year away from home

We packed our bags and are ready to go, well I actually packed our bags twice, since I forgot to take pictures of what we packed inside the first time.

Tears and sobs later after dropping off our dogs Stella and Corona at my mom’s, we were off to the airport.  We were on a red eye that was supposed to leave Sacramento for Houston at 12:30 am.  We boarded, took some video and were ready to GO!

San Pedro here we come... Or Not...

“Sorry folks, we are going to have to deplane and take the plane across the terminal.” An hour and a new plane later we were really off!  Three hours and thirty minutes later, we were in Houston, and hour and a breakfast sandwich later, we were Belize bound!

We touch down in Belize at 11:15 am and feel that Caribbean air all around us, and it is THICK. I instantly begin sweating bullets, and I sweat more than the average human.  Dripping sweat everywhere we are finally ushered inside and on lookers ask me if it’s hot outside.  No I didn’t give them the finger.

We procced through customs, grab a cab for $20 USD (which is best/cheaper to just walk outside the airport vs letting the people inside “help”) and set off to the ferry.

At the ferry we drop off our checked bags for storage, buy our tickets ($35 USD per ticket round trip) and go get some grub.  As people are loading up I mention I have to go to the bathroom, so I run!  Trying to rip off my pants and then putting them back on while they are sticking to me was no small feat, but I did my business and we were off to San Pedro!

Getting the worst seats because of my late bathroom stop I burned in the sun but got to enjoy the wind in my hair and some nice views in the 90-minute boat ride to San Pedro.

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Sometimes you just need to Get out of town and find a Secret Beach.

Hanging out at a couple bars and talking with some locals they suggested we go to a place on the other side of the island called Secret Beach. They described it as a totally different vide than the east side of the island (Gulf of Mexico side) that has a huge area to wade in the warm blue water. In comparison to where we are in town it’s a good 1 hour long golf cart ride through some treacherous terrain.

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A tale of 8 Magicians

We were hanging out at Crazy Canuck’s Beach Bar, when the owner Rob performed a cleaver card trick, then proceeded to claim that the magicians at a Magic Show this Monday night would be ten times better than him, of which all proceeds go to the kids of Belize. He does charity work with the local Rotary club and had some $25US tickets for the Magic show coming up tomorrow night October 10th. He mentioned we can get half price tickets at the door.

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Belize food

Belize food comes in various countries of origin, From the Caribbean to Lebanese the country covers all its basis when it comes to restaurants as the owners open a piece of their home to all their patrons.

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ATM Cave Belize-Bucketlist

Imagine a journey through the rain forest of Belize, crossing multiple wide streams and swimming up into the narrow month of the cave only to begin a slippery descent into the dark Mayan underworld where over a thousand years ago, on the very place you stand they gathered for ceremonial human sacrifices. If that doesn’t frighten you enough you also get to share the cave with bats, spiders, and ancient scorpion-like amblypygi.

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Off the boat we come with Bright and Sunny sky's ahead

Right off the boat we negotiate a $350 USD deal for a golf cart for two weeks.  Now sweating balls vs bullets, my patience wears as I give Johnny the “if we don’t get out of here soon I might kill you stare.”  We find out that we can walk a mile and a half through town to our place, so we jump in a cab ($5 USD) and 15 minutes later we are at the Grand Bayman Gardens Resort .  PHEW we made it!

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Resort style living

After we cool off inside we go walk to our pool and jump in for a swim! Our location has the single best club in San Pedro. With a great big gym, huge pool, and a tennis court.

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Belize Fun Things to do

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San Pedro Belize Crab Racing

One of the most popular events in San Pedro Belize on a Tuesday night is the local Hermit Crab races at Crazy Canucks. Featuring the delightful off-color commentary of the host and owner, Rob, for $5 BZ ($2.50 USD) you can pick your hermit crab and to use your creative skills to come up with a witty crab name.

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