We were hanging out at Crazy Canuck’s Beach Bar, when the owner Rob performed a cleaver card trick, then proceeded to claim that the magicians at a Magic Show this Monday night would be ten times better than him, of which all proceeds go to the kids of Belize.  He does charity work with the local Rotary club and had some $25US tickets for the Magic show coming up tomorrow night October 10th. He mentioned we can get half price tickets at the door. Seeing our out I said, “Ok if we decide to go we will grab the tickets at the place tomorrow night.”  Rob not taking no for an answer, sold us the tickets at half price $12.50 US per ticket.

We get to the Paradise Movie Theatre the next night at 6:30pm and walk in and have a drink. As you will learn in San Pedro Belize, they are always on Island time. If it starts at 7 it actually starts at 7:30. So we have a few more drinks; Hell, it’s for charity right?  We are sitting down and Rob comes up to us drops the bom on us that we basically stole the tickets as he was mistaken about the half price tickets, and we need to keep it on the DOWN LOW…. we drink some more Belikins for the kids.

As we sit down I decided to sit in the middle of the theatre at the end of the row about 4 isles up, this was mistake #1… As you will see I was an easy target to be picked on. I end up on the stage as a person that can bare coins from every orifice of his body. Yes, and I mean every orifice of my body. Cierra also got a cool photo opt in the San Pedro Sun, the local newspaper. They start the show and make some introductions. There are Magicians from all over the Americas (and one from Spain), some have done shows all over the world, others have 30 years of experience, and one even was working for Criss Angel in Las Vegas, USA.

The first video features Jean Cairoli taking me up on stage and a few other magicians doing their thing. We went from being unsure of this whole magic show thing to having a great night with some of the best performers I have ever seen. We could not stop laughing the entire night.

The second video features my favorite act of the night Adrian Vega. He trolls Rob (Crazy Canucks owner) around to find the $1 dollar bill that Rob handed him at the beginning of the performance. The first part that was cut off was a paper bag being given to a random person in the Audience to hold.  I know his accent is kind of hard to hear but he is dropping F bombs off left and right.  Check it out: