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Meet Cierra and John

Ever day dream about what your life would be like if

you took a chance, saved some money, quit your job

and went abroad?  We had a dream to take a break

from normal life, to live a life more traveled. As a couple

itching to explore the world outside our comfort zone

and open ourselves to new experiences with new cultures

and ways of doing things. With an open heart and mind

we took a chance and began saving for our World Trip.

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A Couple Travel Total Projected Budget for 1 Year Around the World

Estimated budget Per country on a Monthly basis

  • 100%
  • Belize 8%
  • New Zealand 10%
  • Australia (Melbourne) 9%
  • Australia (Sydney/ Cannes) 10%
  • Guam 4%
  • Indonesia (Bali, Singapore) 6%
  • Thailand (1st month) 4%
  • Thailand, Vietnam, Cambodia (2nd Month) 4%
  • Greek Islands 9%
  • Europe (1st month) 14%
  • UK (London, Scottland) 13%
  • Europe (2nd month) 13%
  • Total Percent Spent on Trip So Far (Oct 2016) 41%

** Blue= We have not done the budget yet  Green= Under Budget  Red= Over budget **